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Kuelap, Gran Vilaya, Inca Trail and Chachapoya archaeology in the cloud forests of Northern Peru

The ultimate zone of the Americas for combining ecology and archaeology 
Offering leisure and adventure travel, hiking and trekking, horseback expeditions, whitewater, birding, and caving. 

This province is a “Pocket Size Edition of Peru”, containing the world's mightiest rainforest, its second highest and longest mountain range, and the driest desert. It also has the most “lost stone citadels” and some major Inca Roads.  Waterfalls and mini-eco zones with life adapted to each zone co-exist together. 

The most diverse medical plants, orchids, bromeliads and hummingbirds live close together in this “eternal spring”, sharing the best ecology and climate in the Americas with Equator. However on Peru's side, there are RUINS, many more ruins than in Ecuador, and northern Peru has an even more diverse archaeology than Cuzco.




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