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The Inca Trail to the Machu Picchu of Northern Peru

The Inca Trail to Kuelap - "The Machu Picchu of Northern Peru" - is one of the world’s best treks


It is better than the Inca trail to Machu Picchu and about the same length and difficulty level.  It follows major Inca roads over the Cordillera Central and descends the mile long Inca stairs into the Congon valley.

Gene Savoy’s expedition 16 years ago claimed discovery of 1250 stone structures of the Chachapoya Cloud People.  After sampling lost stone citadels and sarcophagus (funeral statues on a cliff),  the trek re-crosses the cordillera through the Abra Yumal Pass and descends into the cloud forest of Choctomal. 


Located at the gateway to Kuelap and Gran Vilaya, our Choctomal lodge is the nearest quality facility with modern conveniences to the fortress.  From here you will be one of the few to see the Machu Picchu of Northern Peru, Kuelap.


The Peruvian Archaeological board (the INC) considers Kuelap an equal to Machu Picchu and anticipates it to become Peru’s second major attraction and in the top five archaeological sites of the Americas.



There is another important inca trail between Levanto town and Chachapoyas City. Alonso de Alvarado, the conquistador, founded three times the Capital of Chachapoyas in La Jalca, Levanto and Chachapoyas as a "San Juan de la Frontera de los Chachapoyas".

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