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Lodges and hotels in the Kuelap and Chachapoyas Zone

Los Tambos Chachapoyanos provides a mixture of two types of accomodation - hotels in the more populated areas and lodges in the more remote areas near the archaeological sites such as Kuelap.

History of the lodges Lodging in Amazonas has expanded in the few years since it has just become accessible. Recent discoveries and a bunch of new TV documentaries in the last 2 years (for the first time ever), are waking up America's best destination.  Hotels are popping up in town, as well as lodges to access the remote archaeological zones.

Chachapoyas has several hotels, a few have hot water. Smaller towns have some decent hotels, and a lot of enterprising locals have added a "mud shed" to their houses with the most basic utilities. All are safe and honest in this zone.  Almost no one speaks English so you could stay a month and see almost nothing. However, the real gems can be accessed in a day trek along a few ancient roads. These ruins are covered in moss, bromeliads and orchids.

Once inside these zones you can search slowly along the paths through the cloud forest, stepping on ground that no gringo foot has touched

Located in the mountains, this 7 bedroom, 7 bath, adobe lodge has modern comforts, warm water. The Choctamal lodge is strategically located between Kuelap and Gran Vilaya. It is very high up on the cordillera in the cloud forest, with clouds frequently below it. This is the closest modern facility to Kuelap on the only road up to the fortress. All of the organized and quality groups stay there for two nights to see Kuelap.

Either Gran Vilaya or Kuelap can be reached in a day by horse or hiking, and its high location takes most of the climb out of these treks. The lodge features huge balconies on both sides to take advantage of the fantastic daily temperatures from 65 to 80 degrees.

The panoramic views from here are fantastic of both Kuelap and the Abra Yumal Pass over the cordillera, on either side. Tambo Choctamal is the "kick off" location where horses and expedition supplies are available for the Gran Vilaya Trek.

This is one of Los Tambos Chachapoyanos lodges owned with and benefiting the local village, and a non profit mission




It can sleep up to 12 at present, and due to double in size. It also has 2 modern bathrooms with hot showers, a kitchen and a cozy fireplace in the lounge. Levanto has one of the village maintained the original ancient road's pavement & drainage..

This facility is jointly owned and run by Los Tambos Chachapoyanos, so 1/3 of the lodge income goes to the village, and 1/3 is going to restore missing stone pavement and drainage to the Inca Roads.

This modern facility was built to look just like the rustic ancient cloud people's houses. (to right)


Details of the hotels we use in Chachapoyas area

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